Bone Cage

'Bone Cage' is a heart-wrenching immersive theatre performance about a woman trapped in an abusive relationship.

Theatre director and research lead, Dr Corinna Di Niro, has adapted Geoff Gillham's 'Bone Cage' into a stark and surreal depiction of the harsh realities of what happens behind closed doors when domestic violence (DV) is present. To raise awareness of the issues of consent, entrenched victim-blaming attitudes, gender inequality, DV, mental health and male toxic culture, this theatre-in-education piece is a worthy addition for any unit of study that tackles these issues in both education and community settings. Through the integration of immersive technology such as 3D soundscapes and film, game-like audience interactivity smartphones, and unique audience positioning, audiences not only bear witness to the confronting situation before them but are engulfed by the live and video action that surrounds them. In this way, 'Bone Cage' sheds light on domestic violence through a tragically beautiful theatre experience like few have ever before. A Q&A discussion follows the performance to explore the metaphors and audience interpretations of the work. An education resource pack is available to all senior secondary school bookings. Bone Cage is a MA15+ performance.