Glam Adelaide: iSize – Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

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Corinna Di Niro Burlesquology, iSize, Cabaret Fringe, 2010

Published in: Glam Adelaide, Jun 11, 2010
Author: Christine Pyman

iSize: Now there Really is an App for that!

Reviewed by Christine Pyman, 11th June 2010.

iSize is one of the hits of the Burlesquology show. Corinna Di Niro as 'Miss Direction' combined a quickness of wit with great movement and perfect comedic timing that produced a routine which I am sure will continue to grow.

Her performance skills enabled maximum audience participation whilst her wicked humour was worked on a few lucky volunteers who, under anyone less skilled in Commedia dell'Arte, would have felt humiliated rather than blessed with the Mistresses' full attention.

The iSize routine takes our everyday technology and combines it with the latter-day naughtiness of burlesque in a brilliant parody of our times.

This event is not to be a missed performance that will give you a new take on you own preferred technology.

Corinna Di Niro Burlesquology, iSize, Cabaret Fringe, 2010