Broadway World Adelaide Feature: COVID-19 Responses: Dr. Corinna Di Niro

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Corinna Adelaide interview on SA COVID-19 response

As the first in what I hope will become a series of interviews and articles about what people and companies are doing during the closure of theatres and isolation of individuals, I approached Dr. Corinna Di Niro. Her Doctorate is in Commedia dell’Arte in 21st Century Australia with reference to Antonio Fava’s method, a world first, but she is now expanding her work into other areas.

Commedia dell’Arte in the 21st Century

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Corinna Di Niro, actor, wearing Commedia dell’Arte mask

Corinna Di Niro has modernised 16th Century Commedia dell’Arte and will be staging workshops in Adelaide in late August. Commedia dell’Arte is the 16th century Italian form of theatre, which gave rise to a number of spectacles such as opera, melodrama and pantomime.