Commedia dell’Arte for the 21st Century: Dr. Corinna Di Niro

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Corinna with her commedia book

As the first in what I hope will become a series of interviews and articles about what people and companies are doing during the closure of theatres and isolation of individuals, I approached Dr. Corinna Di Niro. Her Doctorate is in Commedia dell’Arte in 21st Century Australia with reference to Antonio Fava’s method, a world first, but she is now expanding her work into other areas.

Walker & Di Niro: Creative Duoethnography


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Creative duoethnography: a collaborative methodology for arts research. Duoethnography is a dialogic methodology originally developed for social, health, and educational research (Sawyer & Norris 2015).

‘You’re Doctor What? Contemporary challenges for creative arts research in a culture of binaries’, in Lived Experiences of Women in Academia (2018)


You're Doctor what? Challenges for creative arts research in a culture of binaries. Dr Corinna Di Niro and Dr Amelia Walker

Dr Corinna Di Niro featured in Lived Experiences of Women in Academia.
Lived Experiences of Women in Academia shares meaningful stories of women working in the academy, from numerous disciplines, backgrounds and countries, to unveil the complex and distinct dimensionalities they experience in their life and work.

Di Niro, C. ‘Creating balance in the classroom: A reason to read: linking literacy and the arts (Book Review)’


Corinna Di Niro in-Teaching Artist Journal - 2012

Based on the work by the Arts Literacy Project, formed in 1998 at Brown University and now responsible for various initiatives throughout the United States, Mexico, and Brazil, A Reason to Read: Linking Literacy and the Arts presents a series of introductory principles supported by classroom activities that aim to engage a full range of learners in literary learning via the arts.