‘You’re Doctor What? Contemporary challenges for creative arts research in a culture of binaries’, in Lived Experiences of Women in Academia (2018)


You're Doctor what? Challenges for creative arts research in a culture of binaries. Dr Corinna Di Niro and Dr Amelia Walker

Book: Lived Experiences of Women in Academia 
(Available in Hardback, Paperback, eBook. First published Apr 17, 2018)

Publisher: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group 

Dr Corinna Di Niro featured in Lived Experiences of Women in Academia.

Lived Experiences of Women in Academia shares meaningful stories of women working in the academy, from numerous disciplines, backgrounds and countries, to unveil the complex and distinct dimensionalities they experience in their life and work.

Chapters are written using a range of responsive, personal and aesthetic techniques, including metaphor, manifesto and memoir, with reflections inspired by textiles, online blogs and forums, theatre, creative writing, fiction and popular culture. They engage with themes and ideas including gender roles, family-making, work-life balance, motherhood, institutional violence and harassment and the self and identity, revealing how these uniquely manifest for women in academia. This collection takes account of the experiences of female academics from previous decades and the experiences of those to come, as well as those outside the academic system entirely.

Lived Experiences of Women in Academia aims to liberate thinking around the life of a female academic through collaborative storytelling and discussion, to encourage new conversations and connections between women in academia across the globe.